Except for those stated in the below terms and conditions
there are no warranties, either expressed or implied, as
to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with
respect to the cattle being sold at this auction. These
warranties and guarantees set forth in the “Terms and
Conditions” are in lieu of all warranties, either expressed
or implied, and the remedies provided therein shall be
the sole and exclusive remedy of the buyer, or any party
claiming through buyer, for any breach of warranty of
guarantees therein provided, and all other obligations
and liabilities.

1. Bidding. Each animal will be sold to the highest
bidder without reserve.

2. Bidding Disputes. The auctioneer in charge will
settle any disputes to bids, and his decision on such
matters shall be final.

3. Terms. Terms of the sale are cash or check to
the clerk at the conclusion of the auction. Checks
should be made payable to NETLA Sales.

4. Health. All animals must have their respective
states metal ear tag for identification and are eligible
for interstate shipment. Interstate health certificates
will be issued for each animal sold. Please check
with your veterinarian for exact requirements
pertaining to your state.

5. Announcements. Any changes from information
of any kind in the catalog will be announced from
the auction box and such announcements shall
take precedence.

6. Possession. Immediately after the animal is sold, it
will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer
thereof, but possession cannot be obtained by him
until payment is made. ALL CATTLE MUST
JUNE 4, 2022.

7. Liabilities. All persons who attend the sale do so
at their own risk and NETLA Sales and anyone
connected with the sale assume no liability, legal or
otherwise, for any accidents that may occur.

8. Transportation. Delivery of purchased stock at
buyer expense can be arranged by sale officials.
Livestock hauling representatives will be announced
prior to the auction.

9. Notice. The purchaser must look to the seller for
fulfillment of all guarantees and representations
made here-under.

10. Pedigrees. The information on the pedigrees of the
animals listed in the catalog has been furnished by
the owners.

11. Breeding Guarantee. Females represented to be
“Safe in Calf” have been pregnancy examined
by a veterinarian and are considered breeders
without further guarantee. Females represented as
bred are not guaranteed as “Safe in Calf” but are
guaranteed to be breeders. No guarantee is given
that a bred female will deliver a live calf. All open
females sell as guaranteed breeders. In the event a
female is claimed to be a non-breeder, after having
been regularly exposed to a bull known to be a
breeder, the matter must be reported in writing to
the seller, within six (6) months from date of sale.
Heifers under 12 months of age that sell, who fail
to conceive to a bull known to be a breeder, must
be reported in writing before the heifer reaches 18
months of age. The seller shall have six months
to prove the animal a breeder. Should the animal
prove to be a non-breeder, the seller may, at their
discretion, substitute another animal or refund the
purchase price. Should any bull 14 months of age
or more selling be claimed to be a non-breeder
after being used on cows known to be breeders,
the matter shall be reported in writing to the seller.
The buyer may, at his expense, return the bull to
the seller and will allow six (6) months to prove the
bull is a breeder. No guarantee is given that semen
collected from a bull will freeze. At no time shall
seller be liable for more than the purchase price.
Any female that is subject to hormonal or surgical
reproduction techniques shall cause this guarantee
to be null and void.

12. Contract. The above terms and guarantees shall
constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of
each animal sold.

13. All animals will be transferred to the International
Texas Longhorn Association.

14. All animals will be loaded by NETLA Sales Staff
only, at the conclusion of the auction.

Clicking to bid is a binding contract. Successful winning bids constitute as final sales. No refunds available. Hauling is organized and funded at the owner's expense.