1. BIDDING: Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder unless the highest bid does not meet the seller’s
reserve provided to Sale Management prior to the sale.

2. BIDDING DISPUTES: The Auctioneer in charge will settle any disputes as to bids, and his decision on such
matters shall be final.

3. TERMS: Terms of the sale are cash or check to the clerk at the conclusion of the auction.

4. CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRY: A certificate of registration will be furnished and transferred to the purchaser.
Give full name and address to the clerk when making payments so the certificate of registry will be
transferred properly.

5. HEALTH: All animals are eligible for interstate shipment unless otherwise noted from the auction box at the
time of sale. Interstate health certificates will be furnished for each animal.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Any changes from information of any kind in the catalog will be announced from the
auction box and such announcements shall take precedence.

7. POSSESSION: Immediately after the animal is sold, it will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer
thereof, but possession cannot be obtained by him until payment is made. All animals must be removed
from the sale grounds by noon on September 4, 2022. Buyers unable to take possession of an animal by
noon, September 4, 2022, should contact Michael McLeod at 361-771-5355 by September 2, 2022 to make
arrangements for care of the stock until possession can be taken.

8. LIABILITIES: All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk and the promoters of the Butler
Breeder’s Invitational Texas Longhorn Sale, their agents and employees assume no liability, legal or
otherwise, for any accidents that may occur.

9. CONTRACT: The above terms and guarantees shall constitute a contract between the buyer and the seller of
each animal sold.

10. TRANSPORTATION: Delivery of purchased stock at buyer’s expense can be arranged by sale officials.
Livestock hauling representatives will be announced prior to the auction.

11. GUARANTEE: All animals sold are guaranteed breeders by the owner. Females in calf, or with calf at side,
are considered breeders without further guarantee. Buyers will have six months for all other breeding age
cattle to breed. At the end of this six month period, the buyer will notify the seller of any animal’s inability
to breed. The seller will have the option of breeding the animal in question for six months or making other
arrangements to get the animal to breed. The seller will issue a full refund and will be responsible for all
transportation costs if he is unable to get the animal to breed within this period. Breeder guarantees are
strictly between the individual consignors and the purchasers at the sale. Females vet checked safe with calf
will be announced at sale time. All suckling calves are given to the purchaser FREE and no guarantee of any
kind applies to suckling calves. Gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the purchaser will void
all guarantees.

12. NOTICE: The promoters of the Butler Breeder’s Invitational Texas Longhorn Sale are merely acting as an
agent in this sale and are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any representation made by the
seller. Neither the sale manager, nor any other person connected with the management of the sale, assumes
any liability, legal or otherwise. The purchaser must look to the seller for fulfillment of all guarantees and
representations made thereunder.

13. PEDIGREES: The information on the pedigrees on the animals listed in the Butler Breeder’s Invitational
Texas Longhorn Sale catalog has been furnished by the owner.

14. PHONE BIDDERS: Phone bids will be accepted only with prior credit approval.
Phone Bidders must be pre-approved by September 1, 2022; call Sales Manager at 325-668-3552 or 325-

Clicking to bid is a binding contract. Successful winning bids constitute as final sales. No refunds available. Hauling is organized and funded at the owner's expense.