1. BIDDING: Each lot will be sold to the highest bidder with reserve. All buyers must be registered with a buyer number and must have proper identification. All bidders must be at least 18 years of age. Online bidding platforms must have their buyers approved prior to the auction by Auction Management.
2. RESERVES: Reserves must be given to the Auctioneer Only. No Reserves will be accepted once the auction has started. Removing of a reserve will be accepted.
3. BIDDING DISPUTES: The Auctioneer in charge will settle any disputes during the auction as to bids, and his decisions shall be final. 4. TERMS: Terms of the auction are cash or check. Payment from proceeds with a negative balance is not permitted. Checks are to be
made payable to: Lemley Auction Services. All billing must be pre-approved by Auction Management prior to check out.
5. POSSESSION: Immediately after lot is sold, it will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer thereof, but possession cannot be
obtained by buyer until payment is made.
6. TRANSFERS OF TITLE: On sale animals, Texas State Health Requirements should be considered by bidders before purchasing. All
animals will be transferred to registry of their choice, but must be indicated at time of check out.
7. GUARANTEE: Guarantees are strictly between individual consignor and the purchaser at the auction.
8. NOTICE: The purchaser must look to the seller for fulfillment of all or any guarantees and representation made hereunder and not
that of Lemley Auction Services or auction staff.
9. REPRESENTATION: The Auctioneer is acting as an agent of the seller and all representations made by the Auctioneer are made on
behalf of the seller. The Auctioneer is not responsible for the acts or behavior of the seller. Any action or recourse will be directed
to the seller and not to the Auctioneer.
10. ANNOUNCEMENTS: All announcements or changes from the auction block shall take precedence over information printed in the
11. LIABILITY: All persons who attend the auction do so at their own risk. Sale manager and anyone connected with the sale assume
no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents that may occur.
12. CONTRACT: At the drop of the hammer the above terms and guarantees shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller
of each lot sold.
13. TRANSPORTATION: Delivery of purchased lot will be at buyer’s expense or can be arranged by seller.
14. OFFICIAL PAPER WORK: Official load out paper work will be submitted to the buyer when payment is received. All official paper
work for Scratched lots and Pull Outs will not be handed out on sale day. Paper work will be mailed after sale day. No animal can leave the sale facility until a load out/receipt bill of sale is signed by a member of auction staff.